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Village des Soleils is a condominium complex which was developed in the late 1980′s.

Village des Soleils is located in Quebec’s Laurentian mountain region within five miles of the Station Mont Tremblant ski and recreation resort area. Specifically it is located on a mountain slope close to the southeast shore of Lac Ouimet.

In addition to Station Mont Tremblant, rated as eastern North America’s #1 ski resort, the St.-Jovite townsite with its many boutique shops and restaurants, Parc National du Mont-Tremblant and the recently opened Casino de Mont Tremblant are amongst the additional attractions in the area.

In the summertime, lawn and flowers are kept by professional landscapers who have been looking after the property for over 20 years. In the winter, roads and parking areas are cleared and sanded. Snow is also removed on stairs, walkways, and balconies on a regular basis, all this for your pleasure and safe circulation on the premises.